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Disabling ESession in Gajim

I’m using Gajim as my Jabber client with the OTR plugin. Unfortunately Gajim also supports ESession (E2E) which is a little eager to auto-establish a session and thus disabling the OTR session. To get rid of this behaviour, you have to disable the ESession auto-negotiation:

  • Open the Gajim preferences (Press Ctrl+P in the Gajim main window)
  • Switch to the “Advanced” tab
  • Press the button labeled “Open…” to the bottom (The so-called Advanved Configuration Editor)
  • Search for “ESession” and deactivate the “autonegotiate_esessions” flag for all accounts
  • The settings are account-scoped, if you add a new account, you have to do the steps again

Happy encrypted chatting!

Tags: misc

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